Somerby Vineyards

The initial idea of planting a vineyard in our local village came during a driving holiday in Germany. Whilst traveling along the river Rhine, we stayed at a beautiful town called Rhinegarten. We had a room overlooking a local vineyard in a lovely little family run hotel, and it inspired our conversation regarding the similarities between the area we where in and Somerby, our home. On arriving home we discussed what we had seen and our thoughts with our neighbors, Shaun and Victoria Merrick. Shaun offered the use of some land in his walled garden so we could take up the challenge of producing some wine. So in 2006 we fenced off an acre of land and planted 150 vines. Of the 150 vines planted 100 were red regent and 50 white phoenix. Our success in cultivating these vines led to the rapid expansion of Somerby Vineyards. So from these humble beginnings we have increased our number of vines by 60 times to over 9000 and are currently growing 7 different varieties of grapes that will enable us to produce a wide range of wines.

2 thoughts on “Somerby Vineyards

  1. Walked past your vineyard 3 years ago and wondered if we were seeing things. Walked again yesterday and had it confirmed by Google. Good luck in your venture.
    Val Blackshaw


  2. Last night we had a 41 club dinner themed
    on food and drink from around the UK.
    I thought with us being a Lincolnshire branch
    that I would use your wine with each dish.
    I would just like to say that we all enjoyed your wines very
    Next year I am going to be chairman of the Skegness
    branch and was hoping that you might like
    to join us one night and give a small talk about
    your wines arranged around a meal with your wines.
    Kind regards
    Russell Epton


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