Harvest 2015

Harvest 2015

All in all a difficult year for a lot of UK producers, although not all, a very late dry spell through September to late October saved the day.


At Somerby the decision to harvest was influenced by lack of sugar through September; we like to pick at high sugar if we can but this year the vines were very slow, after a long period of testing we picked in the last weeks of October which saw our Solaris just reach a potential alcohol of 12% which is just about right. Our Rondo was very clean and this was left to ripen through the Solaris harvest again the extra days saw some drying and sugar accumulation which pushed the final Potential alcohol to just shy of 12%, we have high hopes for the red this year. The big surprise in 2015 was the regent this is usually very late to ripen and we leave it on vine for a least three weeks after picking our Rondo  but this year we picked a very tasty grape immediately after the final rondo was taken in, we picked the last vines of regent in the dark using the tractors lights to show the way.

We would like to thank all of this years picking team.





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